Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rock Splitter Performance Tips

At Durante Rentals, one of our top rentals is the Rock Splitter. We've included some safety tips below to assist you with proper breaking technique and to help avoid damage to the rock splitter, feathers, or plug - all costly repairs or replacements.
  • The plug and feathers MUST be lubricated before startup for peak performance and to keep the feather from breaking. Make sure to request a can or two of Elco Lube Paste. For best results, apply Elco Lube before every split.
  • Pre-drilled holes, necessary prior to inserting plug and feathers, should be exact diameter length and straight.
  • Pre-splitting is both effective and quick reducing the time behind the unit.
  • Insert the tool into the pre-drilled hole far enough as to avoid the feathers bellying out.
  • For extra-large rocks or reinforced concrete or where material is confined, like in trenches or tunnels, two or more splitters should be used for maximum force.
For a more detailed description and application guide for our Darda Rock Splitters, please download, Hydraulic Splitting-A New Method for Breaking Breaking, by Edward Langfield.

For more information on rock splitter rentals, please contact Durante Rentals at 718-697-6969.

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