Thursday, November 13, 2014

Landscaping Equipment and Tools Guide - Top 10 Landscaping Tools

Landscaping is an essential part of maintaining and beautifying your lawn, garden, trees, flower beds, backyard and garden. There are a multitude of tool and equipment options for every application. Choose from the equipment and tools listed below for trimming, cutting, edging, weeding, digging, pruning, seeding, chipping or raking. Remember, if you plan on using it only once or twice per season, as in the case of an overseeder or aerator, you can always rent landscaping equipment for a fraction what it would cost you to own it.

landscaping aerators for rent

Aerators - Get your lawn aerator rental from Durante Rentals and help your lawn stay healthy and green. Just like all living things, your lawn needs to breathe in order to grow and prosper. The build up of lawn thatch makes it difficult for your lawn to receive the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Lawn aerators help reduce lawn thatch by poking holes into or pulling "cores" out of the soil to allow air, water and fertilizer to permeate the root zone.
Husqvarna backpack leaf blowers

Backpack Leaf Blowers - Our gas-powered leaf blowers are high powered and perfect for cleanup all year round, especially during the fall time. We rent backpack leaf blowers that are lightweight, quiet and easy to handle with ergonomic designs for comfort. Our fleet of gas powered
leaf blowers are perfect for blowing leaves, grass clippings and dirt fromyour job-sites, patios, decks, driveways, sidewalks and gutters.
husqvarna chainsaws for rent or sale

Chainsaws - We carry chainsaws for sale or rent in the
20" size class by well known manufacturers such as
Husqvarna and STIHL. Our gas chain saws are dependable, easy-to-use, maintain and start. Our chainsaws are perfect
for felling, limbing and pruning trees as well as for harvesting firewood. We also sell  chainsaw accessories such as new cutting chains,bars, cases and chain lube/oil to keep your chainsaw in good working order.
 rent a landscaping dethatcher

Dethatchers - Rent a lawn dethatcher to help promote a denser, deeper and thicker lawn. Dethatchers help prevent disease and dehydration by allowing water and nutrients to reach the root zone. Our 20" dethatchers use their sharp
metal blades to penetrate the surface and subsurface of
your lawn, removing built-up thatch, which is dead organic
material like grass,leaves and roots . The  best time to use a dethatcher is early spring and fall.
rent a landscaping overseeder NY

Overseeders - Rent a  lawn overseeder and your grass will thank you for making it greener, healthier, thicker and
less susceptible to disease, insects and drought. The function of an overseeder is to seed a new lawn or overseed an existing lawn to help restore bare spots. The sharp blades of
the overseeder cut through thatch growth and opens "slits" that are then filled by the new seeds. Best times to overseed are late summer or early fall.
string trimmer rentals NY NJ CT

String Trimmers - String trimmers, also referred to as weed wackers or line trimmers, are essential for areas of
tall grass or overgrowth that can'tbe reached with a
standard mower, like around trees and flowerbeds. Ourgas string trimmers are ideal for trimming, edging or cutting both commercial and residential landscapes alike. Our string trimmers for rent are powerful, durable and light weight,
as well as quiet and easy to use.
 stump grinder rentals

Stump Grinders - Stump grinders (stump cutters) are ideal for contractors, landscapers or homeowners looking to remove a dead, unwanted tree stump. Our stump grinders
will grind your tree stump down to the roots with smooth precision and accuracy. The cutter wheel rotates 90 degrees and a 47 inch arc allowing it to cut up to 12.5 inches below grade.Our stump grinders have a built-in breaking system
for added safety.
rent a landscaping tiller Durante Rentals

Tillers - Also, referred to as cultivators, gas powered tillers use metal blades to dig into the ground to perform various garden maintenance suchas soil preparation, weeding and composting. Our commercial grade tillers are perfect for working existing raised garden or vegetable beds or creating new ones. We carry both 16" and 9" tillers, both able to penetrate hard packed soil, hard clay or sod at a maximum depth of 10". 
rent a truf rake from Durante Rentals

Turf Rakes - If you know how to operate a standard
lawn mower then using a turf rake for dethatching your lawn should be a breeze. You can usea normal rake but a gas powered turf rake will get the job done faster, easier and more efficiently. Our turf rakes for rent are portable with folding handles for easy transport. Our 20" wide standard power rakes also come with optional seed and grass collection attachments.
Vermeer woodchippers for rent

Wood Chippers - Our commercial wood chippers are built tough and are perfect for your land-clearing and tree
care projects. Our rental fleet consists of chippers designed for maximum efficiency, ease of use and superior operator safety. They can withstand the toughest of environments
and are perfect for construction companies and landscape contractors looking to clear areas of small to medium diameter wood and brush.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Change a IHI Excavator Control Scheme Valve (A to F Quick Change Valve) for Backhoe Style to Excavator Style Controls

Every job has specific “tools of the trade” that workers rely on to get the job done right. What do you think would happen if a mechanic was given a new tool that was totally opposite from what they were used to using? I think we’d all agree that their production would take a hit as there would be a new learning curve to hurdle. Or how about if you were vacationing in a country where they drove on the opposite side of the street and you needed to rent a car. You’d notice that the steering wheel was on the opposite side that you’re accustomed to. Yes, you would still be able to navigate the streets, but how efficiently and safely? Your brain would need extra time to process the simplest of tasks, like how to make a left or right turn, when it used to be a move that was second nature and required little or no thought.

Many heavy machine operators, or general contractors, who regularly rent machines like excavators and backhoes, run into similar problems. They’re working with a backhoe where they’re accustomed to the controls and now tomorrow’s job requires the use of an excavator where the controls are totally different. As with the car example, they’d still be able to operate the machine but at what speed, level of expertise and safety standard?

IHI excavators offer a simple solution to this issue. Their quick changing operating pattern selector (A to F Quick change valve) allows instant changing from backhoe-style to excavator-style controls and vice versa with the flip of a switch. Yes, it’s that simple and fast. For optimum performance, it’s essential to provide operators with the control pattern, digging position and control feel they prefer. They become more efficient and productive when presented with the option of selecting a familiar operating pattern, eliminating potential problems and delays. Equipment rental companies benefit by keeping there customers happy and potentially eliminating added stress to their machine fleet.

Remember, a comfortable operator is a more productive operator, especially when working in tough conditions and on jobs like trench digging. Just flip the switch and you’ll immediately save time and money while decreasing potential job-site hazards and accidents.

Please see the photos below for help locating the on your specific IHI excavator.

IHI 15NX Excavator Controls Change

IHI 28NX Excavator Controls Change

IHI 35NX Excavator Controls Change