Monday, December 22, 2014

Durante Rentals and New York Takeuchi 2014 Holiday Business Hours

Durante Rentals and New York Takeuchi would like to wish all our customers, vendors, friends and family a very joyous holiday season and a safe and prosperous 2015! Please see the image below for our abbreviated 2014 Holiday business hours.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Leaf Blower Regulations for Westchester County

snow blower rentalsDid you know that leaf blowers are banned for use during specific months of the year in Westchester County, NY? While every municipality should put "quality of life" on the top of their list of concerns, the sound of leaf blowers and other landscaping equipment have been a familiar sound, especially in the summer, for the past few decades. With modern engineering lowering the decibel level on each and every model upgrade, it's a bit surprising that these archaic laws are still in effect. Perhaps Westchester's designation as having the highest property taxes in the entire country has something to do with that.

In any event, here are a few of the municipalities in Westchester County with their respective leaf blower ban dates.

TownBan Timeframe
Ardsley**May 15 – September 30
BronxvilleJune 1 – Sept 30
GreenburghMay 1 – Oct1
LarchmontJune 1 – Sept 30
MamaroneckJune 1 – Sept 15
New RochelleJune 1 – Sept 30
Pelham ManorMay 1 – Oct 14 & Dec 16 – Mar 14
Port ChesterApr 15 – Nov 15
RyeMay 1 – Sept 30
ScarsdaleJune 1 – Sept 30
Tarrytown*June 15 – Sept 15
White PlainsJune 15 – Sept 30
YonkersJune 1 – Sept 30

*Tarrytown – Operation of Leaf Blowers are prohibited Saturdays, Sunday, and holidays during Sept 16 – June 14
** Ardsley – Permit required.  Ardsley Code 137-3

Westchester County

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