Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dieci Pegasus 40.25 Rotating Telehandler Forklift

Dieci Pegasus 40.25 Rotating Telehandler Forklift

The Dieci Pegasus 40.25 rotating telehandler has a lifting capacity of 8,810 lbs and a 25 mph road speed, making it both an efficient and powerful machine. With a 79 foot maximum lift height, it is ideal for many different job sites. This workhorse has a FPT 141 HP turbocharged diesel engine and anti-tipping protection with stabilizers for safety. 

Pegasus Rotating Telehandler Forklift Spinning Continously
. Advantages of a Full Rotating 360° Telehandler
When faced with space limitations on a job-site, the Pegasus Rotating Telehandler is easier to maneuver than a conventional telehandler, making it ideal for urban projects. It gets the job done faster and safer as it's full rotating capabilities cut down on re-positioning around your loading or unloading area. The Pegasus rotating telehander can be utilized as a rough terrain crane as well as a telescopic forklift, helping you save money on logistics and additional services. 

Diece Pegasus Rotating Telehandler Forklift Ready for Rental

Maximum lifting capacity    8810 lbs
Maximum Lift Height        79.06 feet
Tier 4 Engine                      FPT 141
Maximum Speed                 25 MPH
Overall Length                315 Inches
Overall Height                 119 Inches
Overall Width                    94 Inches
Total Weight (empty)         38580 lbs


Brand New Pegasus 40.25 Rotating Teleahandler Forklift

For questions, or to inquire about a rental, call 1-800-DURANTE or check our our forklift rental website.

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